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Double-sleeving your Magic: The Gathering and other trading cards might be thought of as excessive by some. But if you're playing with a set filled with playsets of $20 or even $40 cards, double-sleeving can really be worth the extra $0.04 on sleeves. Double-sleeving is actually quite simple. You'll need a pack of KMC Pefect Fits, and a pack of KMC Card Sleeves. Dragon Shield Sleeves can also be used, but they're a little trickier to double-sleeve than KMC sleeves, and are more likely to have air bubbles. I'll talk a little bit more about double-sleeving with Dragon Shield sleeves in a moment, but first , here's the basics of double-sleeving. Take a Perfect-Fit sleeve and sleeve your card so that the opening is on the bottom. Then slide the Perfect Fit-sleeved card into the regular KMC sleeve so that the opening is on the top. A small amount of air might be trapped in between the two layers of plastic. So for the first couple of weeks, try keeping your double-sleeved decks stored in a tight-fitting deck box to help get rid of these minor air pockets. Now, it's perfectly fine to use Dragon Shield sleeves for double-sleeving; however, it can be just a little tricky. Let me show you what I mean: Do you see the problem here? Take a closer look. Dragon Shield sleeves are such a tight fit that the Perfect-Fit sleeve might slide off your card as you sleeve it. You'll need to carefully re-sleeve your card if this happens, and that extra time struggling to get the card double-sleeved can be really frustrating, and I strongly recommend going the easy route with KMC for both the inner and outer sleeve. Double-sleeved cards are protected from all water and spills. That means that your cards are safe when some jackanapes spills his Thunder Muscle energy drink all over your deck, whereas they'd be ruined with just single sleeving. But double-sleeving also protects your cards from regular wear and tear that still occurs with single-sleeved cards. If you're an obsessive-compulsive lunatic such as myself, you've probably noticed that the tops of your sleeved Magic cards still get somewhat dusty, or even faded. This is because a single-sleeved card is not a perfect seal, and as you shuffle and play with your cards, The sleeve will continuously open and close, allowing dust and other contaminants to get inside. Once even a few specks of dust have gotten between your cardboard and that protective plastic, your card is in trouble. Pressure from the outside will press against these coarse particles or smear them around, tainting the minty-mint quality of your card. That exposure to air is bad news for foils. They will continue to curl from the moisture that's being let it. While a double-sleeved foil has inevitably been exposed to some moisture right out of the pack, once you double-sleeve a foil, it is more or less cut off from any additional exposure to air and moisture. If you resleeve your cards frequently, changing the color of your sleeves or pulling singles...
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